Sleeping Ute - Grizzly Bear


this is literally the hardest thing to ever come out

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fuck me good, fuck me long, fuck me numb

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Quand je marche dans la rue

La rue vers le Sacré-Cœur

Je me souviens des promesses

Au nom de l’amour

Je, je vais t’attendre là

Viendras-tu pour moi?

Je vais t’attendre là

Seulement toi

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Please don’t go, please don’t go
I love you so, I love you so
please don’t go
I love you so, I love you so
please break my heart

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Hozier | Take Me To Church

i’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies
i’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife
offer me that deathless death
good god, let me give you my life


St. Vincent — “Prince Johnny” 

"you traced the Andes with your index

and bragged when and where and who

you’re gonna bed next” 

But honey don’t mistake my affection
For another spit and penny-style redemption
Cause we’re all sons of someones
We’re all sons of someones
I wanna mean more than I mean to you

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Slow Dancing in a Burning Room - John Mayer

I make the most of all the sadness
you’ll be a bitch because you can
you try to hit me just to hurt me
but you leave me feeling dirty
cause you can’t understand

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I’m a foolish, fragile spine
I want all that is not mine
I want him but we’re not right

I’m sorry if I smothered you 
I sometimes wish I’d stayed inside
My mother
Never to come out

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